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SymfonyLive Online

We'd like to invite the Symfony community at large to join us at new SymfonyLive Online conferences. Whether you can attend the international SymfonyCon or any local SymfonyLive conferences, these online gathering might be the best opportunity to learn from the best experts of Symfony.


  • The Symfony Notifier Component (40 min)

    Symfony 5.0 introduced a new Notifier Component. It is based on the work done previously in the Mailer, HttpClient, and Messenger component and leverages their features. Learn more about how to use it in your own applications.

    by Fabien Potencier, project lead of Symfony,
    founder/CEO of Blackfire and Symfony SAS.
  • Preloading and Symfony, a love story (40 min)

    Preloading is a hot topic these days, yet the first versions of PHP 7.4 crashed when it was enabled. Since September with the first experiments (and crash reports), Nicolas is tracking the beast: PHP 7.4.4 finally makes it usable in all contexts and a 75% boost has been measured on a "Hello World" app.

    Can you expect the same benefits on your apps? Preloading comes with its own challenges. Let's review them and figure how you can get the most out of it for the benefit of your server's efficiency and response time.

    by Nicolas Grekas, core contributor of Symfony,
    principal engineer for Symfony SAS.